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Concept Regalini - Residences


Location: Genova (GE)

Client: /

Job: Regalini Competition - Residences

Date: 2010

Amount of works: € 8,000,000

Project: Feasibility study

Collaborators: /

Category (table z-1): E-20



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In the new organization of the available lot, characterized by an "L" shape, the original planimetric layout was developed by changing the footprints of the buildings, generally with a square plan, into rectangular ones with a differentiation of the elevation surfaces that can thus be better characterized according to The headquarters (Building 1) is oriented on the axis of via Mantova and the façade becomes a recognizable element of the new layout, an urban backdrop that responds to the presence of the imposing front of the commercial structure to which it is opposed. and 3) face each other on their shorter sides and the larger elevations will be oriented towards more favorable lighting / exposure conditions even if on the one hand, due to the configuration of the lot they will have to relate to the volumetrically dissonant school building. On the opposite side you can see an area free from buildings towards the wooded hill above.


To enhance the relationship between the building and the external environment, even if heavily anthropized, the project envisages expanding the inhabited space through large terraces set up with suitable "equipment" to guarantee its usability and enjoyment during the different seasons. In particular, a "filter" space is introduced, with the function of a "winter garden", composed of juxtaposed and not closed glass panels which, while maintaining a continuity between inside and outside, allow the formation of a mediating microclimate between the external environment and the inside of the house. The layout of the terraces is completed by the insertion of modular planters that allow the cultivation of furniture essences. Flooring in teak for exteriors or materials in environmentally friendly agglomerates, while opening towards the surroundings and putting themselves in direct relationship with the context, thanks to the staggering of the floors, they ensure an adequate level of privacy for each home.


The building is organized on a regular floor plan that guarantees a homogeneous distribution at the various levels and the internal subdivision into different office types, guaranteeing each unit characteristics of high quality and livability. The project breaks down the volumetric organization with the aim of guaranteeing a particular identity to each work space by diversifying the ways of relating with the outside and introducing filter and shielding elements. The project introduces a barycentric distribution with the aim of characterizing an entrance area that faces the large area intended for public parking facing the building. In this way it will be possible to define a double possibility of access both through the driveway-pedestrian side path, starting from Via Mantova with a "private" value, or by using the public area which, while maintaining the destination as a parking lot, can also offer a service to visitors to the new offices.


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