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Paolo Bandini Architect

Genova (GE)

Phone. 010 868 4978

Mail.  archipaolobandini@gmail.com
P.IVA  03370650107

Station Genoa Principe - Granarolo

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Location:  Genova (GE) - Granarolo (GE) station

Clients: AMT Genoa (Company Mobility and Transport of Genoa)​

Job: Structural reinforcing works, maintenance of the vegetation and the adaptation of the new transformer room

Date: 2009 - 2010

Amount of work: ​/

Project: Feasibility study

Category (table z-1): V-03


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Mechanized public transport system - Vertical lift. Hypothesis for the construction of a vertical lift to connect the valley station of the historic Principe - Granarolo rack railway line with the Genoa Principe junction.

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