A r c h i t e c t u r e  and  D e s i g n

Paolo Bandini Architect

Genova (GE)

Phone. 010 868 4978

Mail.  archipaolobandini@gmail.com
P.IVA  03370650107

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Requalification of an R.S.A

Location: Genoa (GE)

Client: Comune di Crocefieschi (GE) 

Job: Requalification of a R.S.A. with Arch. M. Marsullo

Date: 2004

Amount of works:  /

Project: ​ Definitive project

Collaborators: Arch. M. Masullo

Contractor: /

Category (table z-1):  E-20


Variant project for the implementation of plant and building adaptation interventions in an assistance facility for the elderly and disabled.

The Structure is managed by A.I.A.S. dedicated to the assistance and hospitality of the elderly and disabled, within which building interventions are planned aimed at redistributing the interior and bringing the technological systems up to standard.

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