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" It's a slow process, it will sediment, discuss, accept and change again. It's due to the capacity, the trust, the vision of the community. "


My work team and I represent this.

Architect Paolo Bandini.


About Us

Our studio is based in Genoa and operates mainly in northern Italy. We have an experience dating back to about 30 years of profession and we develop interior projects as well as entire buildings and villas. Multidisciplinarity and speed are our qualifications. We respond quickly to customer needs, reaching them on site. The choice of our studio will be rewarded by the continuous and attentive assistance that we provide to the customer, both in identifying needs and requirements, and in preparing the best solution for them, in addition to the assiduous presence on the construction site and in the choices of suppliers.​

Publications and conference


Colors from the sea: reflections

of happiness


The goal is the recovery of the historic center. The choice of themes derives from the awareness that today the goal of the recovery of Ventimiglia Alta can only be pursued through the enhancement of the public space, as it can be perceived and experienced.


Accessibility to historical centers


Intervention and conference:

Municipal of Lerici (SP). Archeoclub d'Italia year 2001.


The uphill city 

Intervention and conference:“The uphill city ”. ATM Genova, Municipality of Genoa, 2001.


Non-conventional systems

of public transport

Book publication, Edition by Franco Angeli: ​Editing and publication of the book: “ NON CONVENTIONAL PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEMS ” which presents a detailed analysis of the Genoa case with project proposals for the development of the mechanized transport.

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