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Genova (GE)

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Project for a new layout of an area 


Location: Genova (GE)

Client: Pra viva Association / Municipality of Genoa

Job: Project for a new layout of the area called

"Prà buffer zone"

Date: 2009 -2012

Amount of work: € 30,000,000.

Project: Feasibility study

Collaborators: /

Contractor: /

Category (table z-1): E-19


The goal is to establish a direct relationship between the respect and the science festival and create a permanent home.



- Proximity to the motorway

- Suitable area - Development of the west

- Connections by sea with expò and museum-exhibition area (aquarium, sea museum, children's city, cruise terminal, ferry terminal



- Science festival venue

- Research laboratories

- Workshops

- Expositive spaces

- Museum spaces, museum of contemporary sciences

- Connection with existing activities, sporting and related to the sea


- Activities for the inhabitants of the great Praese coastal strip

- School campus



- Interaction between the many subjects currently working at the Science Festival

- Activation of international sponsors

- companies or banks

- Marketing - Finding European funds - Museum and exhibition activities with entrance ticket



- Innovative architecture (for Genoa)

- Low environmental impact buildings use of renewable energies

- Flexible spaces


Area of ​​the area: 40,000 square meters. Total built area: 15,000 sq m. Commercial/educational/recreational area: 13,000 square meters. Service area: 2,000 sq m. Total built volume: 50,000 m3. Maximum height: 20 mt.

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