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Contest for the Hospital in Formia 

Location: Formia (LT)

Client: Notice of competition

Job: International competition for the new Formia hospital. (LT)

Date: 2011

Amount of work: /

Project: Feasibility study

Collaborators: /

Company: /

Category (table z-1): E-10



Keeping the idea of ​​articulating the entire hospital around the "Main Street", as required by the feasibility study attached to the Competition Announcement, it is proposed to rotate the whole complex by about 90 degrees by arranging the wards so as to obtain a parity of sunshine on both sides of the structures dedicated to hospital stays and daytime activities. In addition, the wards were placed on two floors instead of four, by doubling the blocks, in order to reduce travel times between them and the lower floors. The Residence area, again in the context of hospitalizations, differs in the different organization of the accessory spaces and rooms with equipment in harmony with the desired quality level. Always in order to speed up travel times, we propose to organize the emergency room with intensive care, the imaging department, and the operating block on three overlapping floors, connected to each other by two pairs of bed lifts, in order to guarantee maximum speed and safety. in vertical paths.

The "main street" is characterized as the main connecting element of the whole hospital, articulating a separate accessibility to all the external public from that of the health personnel, accessibility that is implemented through the stair-lift blocks located at the head of the wards of hospitalizations. The glazed structure that wraps around the "main street" allows it to illuminate and ventilate also the sides in contact with the ground of the two floors placed below the 0.00 level. Through the "main street," the public outside can reach the medical and surgical clinics, the imaging department, the day hospital, the day surgery, the emergency room, and finally the hospitalization plans, as well as all the extra hospital services provided for by the announcement. The stair-lift blocks positioned at the head of the wards are instead for the exclusive use of medical / health personnel, for access to clean material and disposal of dirt. The project viability is organized with only two dedicated accesses, with possible direct or remote control posts, to ensure selective mobility. The first has access from the junction of the Variante Appia, from where, in dedicated lanes, both the emergency roads are connected, with which you can directly access the emergency room and the heliport, underpassing the "main street", and the roads for the public , that of service for public transport and security for the fire brigade, organized as a ring. The second is activated from Via Sparanise which can only be used by emergency and service vehicles or any authorized ones. Via Santa Maria maintains the important function of "passer-by" connecting the two main roads.


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