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Genoa Pra Inclined lift

Location: Genova Pra (GE)

Client: ARTE Genova

Job: Construction of a mechanized


Date: 2011

Amount of works: 1.000.600 €

Project: ​Executive and final project

and work direction

Collaborators: /

Contractor: Meb Impianti

Category (table z-1): V-03


The urbanization projects carried out in Pr à Palmaro (CEP) have led to the construction of a substantial residential volume and a new connection road network. Already during the design, the construction of public connections complementary to those on road identified in mechanized ascent systems connecting nodal points of the various high-altitude routes (inclined elevators). In particular, in a steep orographic situation on which there is a long building with a stepped type served pedestrianized by a an articulated staircase, a two-way mechanized lift system was designed to connect via Montanella and via Novella. The new project involves the construction of a single-way system with mainly condominium characteristics (one stop at each entrance door of the residence); in detail, seven stops were made intermediate stations plus the departure and arrival stations.


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