Residential complex in Alessandria

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Location: Alessandria (AL)

Client: Codelfa S.p.A.

Job: Residential complex in Alessandria (AL)

Date: 2010-2011

Amount of works: € 15,000,000

Project: Feasibility study and 3D schemes

Collaborators: /

Contractor: /

Category (table z-1): E-07


The variant of PEC is identified by the P.R.G.C. as a residential area of the city of 2nd class subject to an executive urban tool referred to in art. 35 and 64 of the NTA and represents part of a larger affiliated executive plan called Unit No. 1 Chiozzo. The jep variant project involves the construction of buildings for residential use, divided into two separate lots for a total area of S.U. equal to 35,000 square meters. The solution involves the creation of an elevated square, below which are placed all the pertinetive parking lots. At the altitude of the elevated square there are also buildings that can enjoy, in the interior space, a large "condominium" garden with rest spaces and games for children. All buildings are designed to obtain the best exposure depending on the internal distribution, while plant solutions provide maximum optimization of energy consumption, aiming at obtaining class A.


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Area area: 30,000 sqm Total area built: 13,000 sqm Residential area: 13,000 sqm

Parking area: 6,000 sqm VolumeTotal built: 35,000 m3 | Maximum height: 15 mt

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