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Commercial buildings project


Location: Genova (GE)

Client: /

Job: Project for a building for commercial use and civic center in Genoa. (GE)

Date: 2006

Amount of work: /

Project: Feasibility study

Collaborators: /

Contractor: /

Category (table z-1): E-20


The intervention concerns the transformation of an existing building for commercial use and outdoor areas for which the destination is intended for parking. The current

destination of the building is maintained by increasing the SNV (net sales area ) with the construction of a new volume. The building currently has a double level that includes a basement floor with destination for parking, and a C-shaped ground floor currently divided into individual commercial units (shops) as well as a portion , on the south side, with destination as a civic center. The ground floor has a central pedestrian space from which you reach the square which houses a public parking lot. The project involves the transformation of the existing building through the following operational scheme which, starting from the individual levels, is

configured with the works described.



It is not modified planimetrically but makes it necessary to introduce an inter-floor connecting staircase with an emergency exit  function and two vertical lifts.



The main change consists in the creation of a new volume that closes the internal courtyard, creating a rectangular plan within which the sales space is organized.



The construction of a new level represents one of the most interesting elements of the project. The roof, currently unused, is reinterpreted as a pedestrian public square overlooked by the new structures destined to become the Civic Center of the district; will host uncovered areas intended for games, a public room for meetings and parties, a room for leisure activities, a warehouse and services able to meet the needs of the inhabitants.


Hypothesis 2 of the project

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